Rental Listing and The MLS

Get Great Tenants Fast!

By listing your home for rent in the MLS you will be opening up a world previously unknown to rental owners. Not only will local agents have access to your listing with their qualified renters, but millions of people all over the world will be able to view your house for rent through public real estate websites such as,,,, as well as other real estate company websites. Using the MLS cuts through the complexities of renting your home yourself, exposes your property to those most likely to rent it, and makes sure you won't waste time showing your rental property to those who aren't truly qualified or interested in renting it.

What a Tenant's Agent Should Do:

Other things to keep in mind: 

Many renters that are moving from out of town or with a job relocation program will only work with a real estate agent. Out of town tenants rely on the knowledge and expertise of an agent to show them homes that fit their moving criteria.

Agents will typically use only the MLS to find homes for rent for their tenants.

When listing with our company you reserve the right to rent your home on your own without the use of a tenants agent. And if you find your own renter then there is NO COMMISSION to anyone!

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