Select Premium Properties Testimonials

MLS Listing Virginia
Greensboro, NC

"This way to sell a house was simply amazing. Now, I know that timing is everything, but the sale was made quickly and the closing was even quicker. Everything went smoothly - so best we can do is say a big THANK YOU!!!"

MLS Listing Georgia
LaGrange, GA

"We are recommending this service to friends whenever we have the chance! Thanks for what you all do so that FSBO is possible to those of us who need to take that route to sell our homes."

MLS Listing Virginia
Ashburn, VA

"I am telling ALL my friends about you. The staff is the best. You always answered all my questions even if trivial. I cam never thank you enough for your help."

NC MLS Listing
Wilmington NC

"My experience was wonderful and I thank you for the stress free experience!"

Northern Virginia

"It was a very positive experience. We saved more than $27,000 using Select Premium Properties to list and sell our home. In the 21st century, there is simply no need to pay traditional commissions for listing agents. The service we received from Select Premium Properties was superb... I would highly recommend using Select Premium Properties to anyone looking to save a lot of money on the sale of a home, and I would use Select Premium Properties again in the future." S.T. - Fairfax, Va.

"We chose Select Premium Properties, Inc. as our listing agency for the sale of our condominium in Alexandria, VA. The service exceeded expectations. The creation and management of the listing was seamless. The Showing Time Service facilitated appointments for agents and buyers and the mobile app made it very convenient to coordinate with agents. The forms required were accessible from their website which was easy to use and then submit. Any questions we had were quickly resolved working with Stephanie Smith and the Select Premium staff. This was a terrific experience resulting in a successful sale." Ted - Alexandria, VA

"Closed today on my house sale saving $13K with your flat fee listing service. This was not the first home I have sold flat fee, but it was surely the easiest. Your company's system is organized, detailed, and communicates with clients quickly and effectively. Love the tips and reminders along the way as well. If you are reading this and considering "can I sell my home this way too?" Do it. Select Premium Properties is a great way to sell your home and save your $$$." T.H. Loudoun County, VA

"Many aspects of your business process impressed me and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the processes that are put in place to make the sale of our home run so efficiently. Everything is very professional and direct. All questions are answered in your correspondence or with a fast response via email. I am sure that it was your timely work that was key in the sale of our home. I can not say enough positive things about your company and I will pass this on to everyone I know...I have never had such customer support - you all have achieved what all other companies should strive for." K.S. - Prince William Co, VA

"Thank you.! I will refer all to you!" Joy -Ashburn Va

"Thank you Select Premium Properties. I was hesitant about using one of the MLS services. Now, I would recommend it to anyone. The customer service was outstanding, the turnaround times were better than anyone could anticipate and I was never left guessing. the house is sold and being listed on the MLS was key." James - Alexandria, Va

"We have found your services to be really helpful and appreciate your patience with our naive knowledge of house selling. We looked official even if we did not know why! We got within 4 thousand of our asking price in two weeks and had another couple ready to bid on the house immediately after accepting the first offer. We are happy!" Donna - Alexandria, Va

"I want to say thank you for your quick response on my issues. It is nice to get that in business rather than have to wait a couple of days to finally know what is happening. Thank you so much." J.O. - Leesburg, VA

"I believe this is the third time we’ve used your company. We really appreciate the overall service and the savings that comes with using your MLS Listing service." Clayton - Bumpass, VA

"I am telling ALL my friends about you. The staff is the best. You always answered all my questions even if trivial. I cam never thank you enough for your help. Sincerely" Sharon - Ashburn, VA

"Thank you so much for your excellent service! You provide a great way for those of us who want to be listed on the MLS but who do not want to unnecessarily spend thousands of dollars to have a realtor's sign on our property...The day after our home went on the MRIS (now BRIGHT MLS), we had multiple people come through with their realtors, and two days after that we had a full priceoffer that closed. You did a fantastic job with both the listing and then changing the status to "Sold" as soon as you received the HUD-1 settlement statement. We highly recommend Select Premium Properties and before we left Alexandria, VA,we gave one of our neighbors your information because he is thinking about selling his home sometime in the near future. Your service is so reasonably priced, and saved us so much money in real estate commissions. Thank you again!" Susan - Alexandria, Va

"Your service is fantastic and getting the property listed on the MLS definitely resulted in the home being sold. Twelve days!! And just think about all the money I saved!!! L.G. - Arlington, VA

"Thank you -- this is the second time I've used your service (first time was back in 2004) and appreciate the service you provide -- not to mention the savings!" Nate - Alexandria, VA

"Dear Stephanie, It was a blessing that you sent me a flyer about your listing service and what great service for a flat fee of $195.00 and $45.00 for 15 pictures. We have a contract, and it is a great relief to be able to give the buyer the savings." Teresa - Arlington, Va.

"Thank you for your great service. We would definitely recommend your company to others!" Cody - Centreville, Va

"Our home had a contract on it within 36 hours of listing with you."
A.G. - Burke, VA.

"You were helpful and courteous, you delivered what you promised, and you were there for us" P.T. Straub, Attorney-at-Law - Alexandria, VA.

"We paid 3% rather than 6%. Why can't I wipe this smile off my face?!!"
C.K. - Falls Church, VA.

"Select Premium Properties did a good job of looking after the MLS requirments, and letting me know when/if there was a problem. And I saved almost $30,000 in commissions. I'll do it again if the need arises." Phil - Annandale, Va.

"We achieved an excellent selling price...we are surprised at the large number of agents that came...your instructions and "tips" were very helpful...thank you for making this available to us." J.& N.M. - Leesburg, VA.

"...once we were on the MLS, traffic through the house never stopped."
D.L. - Fredericksburg, VA.

"Your company does a wonderful, efficient job. We would recommend you to anyone. Nice work." M.E - Stafford, Va.

"We had great success with your company and appreciate the prompt and detailed responses we received via e-mail." B.N. - Loudoun Co., Va

"We listed our house with you, and it was under contract in a day!!"
T.K. - Fairfax, Va.

"We are very pleased with Select Premium Properties. The process is virtually painless and saved thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend this to anyone"
K.M.- Reston, VA.

"You all provided great service and we could not be more pleased with the efficacy of your work on our behalf." George - Arlington, Va

"You provide a highly effective service...You listed my home on the MLS the day I faxed the forms to you (Friday), the next day a Real Estate Agent showed it...the following day (Sunday) we ratified a contract...a sale in 2 days after you listed our home! Thanks!" D.C. - Clifton, Va.

"We felt in control of the sale of our home. It was easy!" J.C. - Stafford, Va.

"Thank you for your help. It IS great to see a price-discounted option in real estate for those of us who don't need the full-time assistance of a real estate agent! I'll certainly use you again in the future...!" T.D. - Fairfax, Va.

"You are a knowledgeable, trustworthy professional who stands head and shoulders above other real estate brokers." S. Havelock, Jr. 1st Lt., USMC

"It was a pleasure using Select Premium Properties to sell my homes. Customer service is very responsive and helped to quickly work out any kinks that I encountered."
E.V. - Fairfax, Va.

"Wow, I am impressed! I have never received such thorough and prompt support from any company on the internet, or anywhere for that matter. Keep up the good work."
P. N - Alexandria, Va.

"You people offer excellent and responsive service. I will continue to utilize your services to list each house we offer for sale." W.A - Prince William Co., Va.

"Thanks for the mls listing service. Our house was listed one day, and sold the next." K.N. - Nokesville, Va.

"I just wanted to thank you for your service during the sale of my home. You were responsive, and very organized. Your ability to make changes when I requested and the timely manner for which my home was listed was one of the major reasons for the quick and hassle free sale. Thank you again for all the support, and the money you saved me." M.B. - Fairfax, Va.

"Thank you!This process was much easier than I had anticipated. The online materials provided by Select Premium Properties were thorough and easy to understand. Select Premium Properties was very helpful and quick to respond to questions. Overall, a great experience!" D.J. - Loudoun Co., Va.

"I will recommend your service to anyone!" B.M. - Alexandria, Va.

"Thank you for all of your assistance with the sale. I have recommended your services to two people already, with a third on its way. We were pleased with the timeliness of your responses to e-mail messages and your informative website and e-mails. Having tried to sell our home FSBO for quite some time previously, we are convinced that we would not have made this sale without your services." C.G. - Fairfax, VA.

"Thank you for your help...Our experience with your company was quite smooth and worked well...Thanks again and we will look forward to working with you again in the future. V.C. - Reston, Va

"Thank you! I found working with Select Premium Properties to be easy and fun. They handled everything in a timely and professional manner and kept me appraised of everything that needed to be done." S.R. - Fairfax, Va.

"I was very pleased with your service and would definitely use you in the future. I was skeptical to use an internet company with no personal face to face contact; however, you responded very quickly to all of my emails andwere very informative with your answers. Selling my home for sale by owner with your assistance was very profitable andthe best way to go." C.B. - Fairfax, Va.

"I would definitely use your service again! You saved us a TON of money! We move every two years so we will be talking to you again in 2006! Thank you!" T.G. - Loudoun Co., Va.

"I had a great experience in selling through Select Premium Properties. The service is excellent... the service is good and the response system is quick. Thanks." F.S. - Sterling, Va.

"Thank you for your help in getting our home sold. With your company's help we were able to get wide spread circulation of our advertisement. We had dozens of agents call to show our home and we sold it very quickly as well. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who is thinking of selling their home on their own." P.M. - Fairfax, Va.

"Select Premium Properties is an A+ Internet Marketing/Real Estate brokerage. All of my needs were taken care of and I always received expeditious service. I would recommend Select Premium Properties to anyone who needs real estate services -- whether you can list the property and handle the transaction entirely on your own or even if you need consulting services. True professionals that saved me thousands of dollars!" V.A. - Lorton, Va.

"We will be back! It's a wonderful thing to know thousands of $'s aren't going to a real estate agent for such a small amount of work that you can do yourself! This was too easy! Thank you again." S.B. - Stafford, Va.

"Thank you for being so responsive! It is a pleasure when a service organization does its job so efficiently..." E.H. - Sterling, Va.

"The guy who bought our house is going to use you guys to sell his current home! We think you guys are great! This is our second house sold with you! Best wishes" Ira - Winchester, VA

"Yesterday we closed on the sale of our condo.Despite all of those who insisted that we were crazy trying to do it without a full-service agent on our end, and that we'd fail in the process, we did it, and saved ourselves almost $18,000 in the process. We had studied the market for long enough that we felt we had a good idea what our property was worth, we were smart enough and had the talent to market it ourselves, and in the end we were right. You guys made the whole process so easy, it was seamless working with you. Every email I sent was responded to quickly, any needed changes in the listing made almost instantaneously, and your instructions were flawless -- there was no need to make a mistake as long as we followed the directions provided. Thank you for helping usto "pay" ourselves rather than a full-service agent. In the end, we definitely didn't need one." L.C. - Arlington, Va.


"I initially tried to list my house as FSBO and received a lot of phone calls but had minimal showings. I researched Select Premium Properties and decided to give them a try. The process was seemless. I loved the ability for realtors to book using showtime and to be visible on the MLS and other search sites. I was able to still control the process and sale of my home while saving a decent amount of money in a seller agent commission. Every time I reached out or emailed the company they were quick to respond and answer my questions. 10/10 recommend this company and will absolutely use again!!" Lindsey - Berlin, MD

"Listing our house through Select Premium Properties was very successful. The price was fair, the process was clear, and updates to my listing were applied quickly. We sold our home in 45 days at the price we were hoping and saved over $8,000 in commission by not having a listing agent. Sellers that are willing to do their homework and show their own home should definitely consider using Select Premium Properties." John - Havre De Grace, MD

"I have rented several properties and sold one home using Select Premium Properties and it is the most economical way of having a home listed for sale or for rent on the MLS. Select Premium is very responsive in terms of listing, amending, or delisting requests, which are completed the same day. Select Premium is top-notch regarding providing the proper forms or "process expertise" and being "responsive, so I have given 5 stars ratings on both of those areas." Patricia - Bowie, MD

"Using Select Premium Properties is the easiest way to list and sell your home. I sold my home on the first day it was listed. The website is fantastic. Use the ala cart menu to choose exactly what products and services you want. This could not have been easier. I saved 1/2 the sales commission using Select Premium Properties. I do not usually write comments about products or services but SPP deserves all the praise I can give them." Daniel - Lanham, MD

"We had a great experience with Select Premium, particularly since we were selling on our own. We received excellent service, very helpful technical advice and prompt and courteous communications. I'm telling all my friends - call Select Premium!" Michael - Ellicott City, MD

"It was so easy to make a listing. Everything was done online. There was no manual process. The created list was in the MLS system within the same day. Great customer service." Tao - Frederick, MD

"Working with you was a very positive experience. I appreciate the prompt service that I received throughout the process including return phone calls and prompt email responses from the help desk. Additionally, the personal website with the links to the documents needed came in quite handy. I would definitely use this service in the future as well as recommend it to others." K.G. - Howard Co, MD

"We can't express enough thanks for the professional way you handled our rental property , we are so appreciate the house is under lease now." Mohamed and Valerie - Bethesda, MD

"I had a real estate agent for 6 months and nothing happened so I decided to sell it on my own and I am very pleased with all the process, working with MLS listing help me save thousands of dollars on real estate agent they always answer my questions, instructions to make "sell by owner" possible were very clear an easy-to-follow. thanks for helping me sell my house! Totally recommend them." Imperia - Snow Hill, MD

"Thanks to becoming listed by you and your timely efforts, we (were) presented with two contracts...which both were ABOVE our asking price after only being listed by you for only 5 days. Our house was full of buyers all weekend and now we are going to sign off on a contract. As a FSBO, this was a great way to go in order to move our house quickly and save on selling commissions and expenses." J.S. - St Mary's Co., MD

"Thank you for your assistance in handling our listing. The response to the MLS listing was very impressive and we settled on one of the four contracts we received over our asking price. We could not be happier with your service and will be recommending you to everyone who asks about our for sale by owner experience." J.S. - Montgomery Co. MD

"Again I want to thank you for the service you provide. You were a great savings in selling our home." Warren - Germantown, MD

"Thank you very much for your services and it was the easiest closing that we have ever experienced. I have recommended your services to several other people in the Hagerstown area...Look forward to using your services in the near future and you have the best service in the business. Great response from your e-mail customer service and we could show our house on our time frame instead of dealing with three people's schedules." D.D. - Hagerstown, MD

"I just want to say thank you so much for this service. I thought it would be a nightmare trying to rent our house out in Maryland while living in Florida, but you have made it stress free and an ease. Thanks so much! Will refer to many others." JoAnn - Stevensville, MD

"You have been a source of good luck, thanks for everything." Valeria - Bethesda MD

"Yes, the sale of my home, through me and you, was successful! Thank you for the successful sale of my property." R.C. - Anne Arundel, MD

"We began receiving calls to show immediately after listed in the MLS...it sold quickly." B.M. - Nottingham, MD

"Thank you so much for all the assistance to advertise my rental in Bethesda Maryland. I am very impressed by your professional and helpful service. I have been dealing with you close to 15 years, I will be more than happyto recommend your service any time, I shall certainly call you again whenever I have a rental property. All the best." Mohamed - Bethesda, MD

"I would like to take a moment to let you know that your service is the best. This is my 2nd time using your service and I hope to use your service in the future. I like your promptness, efficiency and your reasonable fees. Keep up the good job!!!" S.S. - Montgomery Co., MD

"The fast response and promptness of your service is impressive...the materials you provided was most useful." A.H. - Potomac, MD

"Thanks! It was a wonderful experience doing business with Select Premium Properties. I will definitely be a repeat customer." G.K. - Olney, MD

"Your process made it easier for me to get visibility in a lightly traveled neighborhood." P.T. - Beltsville, MD

"We had a strong offer on our house within 4 days of listing. The amount of leads generated allowed us to sell for a price better than expected."
P.H. West River, MD

"If only I'd known how easy this was a few weeks earlier! I got an immediate and overwhelming response after having my property listed on the MLS" S.F.H. - Bethesda, MD

"We listed our property with Select Premium Properties on Friday, had an open house on Saturday, had two bids by Sunday, and a signed contract on Monday!" Dr. H.F. - Potomac MD

"Our property was only listed for FOUR DAYS before we got the contract...you certainly lived up to your reputation...I would never consider using anyone but you...you were efficient, knowledgeable, helpful and always there for me." S.R.C. - Westminster, MD

"Great job! I love your company" B.R. - Baltimore, MD

"Thank you so much for all your help!! I really appreacite it. I will definitley use this service again in the future and will also let others know about it." Juanita - Bel Air, MD

"Thanks, I was very pleased at how fast my house rented. We had numerous interested parties. I will definitelycome to you first next time for a new tenant." Katherine -MD

"We have already recommended this service to several of our friends and neighbors! Everything was simple and very organized." R.H. - Elkridge, MD

"Thank you for the simple and painless process that led to the quick sale of our home. It has been a pleasure!" A.G. - Bel Air, Md

"Thank you very much, you company has been great to deal with, keep up thegood work." J.S. - Anne Arundel Co, MD

"I highly recommend this service to anyone wishing to sell a residence!" J.C. - Howard, MD

"Just wanted to say thank you for your services as it was a true cost savings for me. I would recommend to anyone to use your services instead of paying top dollar to a local agent." Brian - Queen Anne's, MD

"Thank you so much for creating this easy and inexpensive way to sell my home! You saved me $15,000 and I couldn't be happier. I will definitely be forwarding your URL to many friends and relatives." S.T. - Carroll Co., MD

"I thank you for your great customer service and making it easy to sell by owner. I have recommended your services to family and friends." A.W. - Olney, MD

"Even though there are times I wish I could thank everyone there in person, unfortunately, due to the demands on time and being efficient, I know everything has to be done through email and fax. It feels a little strange to do that with any company when doing such a enormous transaction. The truth of the matter is that I don't feel that I have missed out on any part of a well organized and efficient and effective process when it came to selling my house. Responses were timely and I was able to go through step by step from beginning to end smoothly, even though initially I was a bit skeptical. I really appreciate all the work done behind the scenes and for the final result. Keep up the good work." G.C. - Prince Georges Co, MD

"I really think you provide a great service and I will refer you to my friends. The process was a little easier for me, as I was a real estate agent some years back, however you are well organized and explained everything down to the last detail." I.F. - Olney, MD

"I want to thank you for providing this service. It has been excellent and saved us thousands of dollars. Funny, I live in a depressed housing area and there are a lot of houses for sale that have been for on the market for months. I listed through your service and had 4 offers in two days. In my opinion, the key was 1) preparing the house (we took your advice and rented a storage unit to declutter the house); and 2) preparing a good description of the house for MLS. I described all the good things I could think of which really set it apart from the average real estate agent description - you know the ones, good location, shows well and such. A lot of people, to include my neighbors, some relatives who are selling in other states, some of my Dad's customers, and even some real estate agents have asked how we did it. I tell them: flat rate listing, declutter, and a good write-up for MLS, then I give them your web address. Thanks again. My husband and I will toast a glass of Champaign to you and yours!" P.G. - Anne Arundel, MD

"I have been impressed by the quality of your service. You have shown great professionalism, and you have responded promptly to my requests for information. I will certainly recommend you to others." Jerry - Rockville, MD

"We thought the overall quality of your service was excellent. The forms library was a very useful resource. Since we sold our home directly to the buyer (a neighbor), we really had to do all the work and provide the documents since there was no buyer agent to prepare an offer. Your forms made that possible. I was very happy to see that agents were eager to show our home even though we listed with a discount flat-fee agency. One even made a bona-fide offer (which weultimately declined). This adds significant credibility to your service and my comfort recommending your firm to others. We are always eager to share our home selling story to others--especially now that the deal is done!... your service was excellent and hassle-free. We appreciated your responsiveness to all of our correspondence." J.S. - Calvert Co., MD

"I enjoyed listing my home through Select Premium Properties. The process was straight forward and the cost was very reasonable." D.A. - Montgomery Co., MD

"Using Select Premium Properties was the best thing I have done in years. Select Premium Properties saved me thousands of dollars, thanks." T.F. - Anne Arundel, Md.

"Thank you so much for all of your help. This has been so easy! I'm recommending your services to several friends who will be selling their homes in the near future." J.M. - Randallstown, Md.

"My experience with Select Premium Properties was great. The cost was reasonable and I was very impressed with how quickly my listing got into the MLS. I would definitely recommend Select Premium Properties to anyone looking to list w/out an active agent." L.F. - Rockville, Md.

"Thank you very much for your support during this process. I will definitely use your services in the future and refer you to friends as well!" B.E. - Anne Arundel, MD

"THANK YOU! It was a great experience listing with you. I will definitely work with you again when I have property to sell. You were very professional in all the many areas of real estate which made everything go well. Thank you again." C.S. - Germantown, Md

"I'm very pleased with the Select Premium Properties program. It is very cost effective." W.F. - Anne Arundel, MD

"We were very pleased with your service. Everything went smoothly and we sold our home in record time. What a fantastic bargain." B.B. - Howard Co, MD

"THANK YOU ! ! This is the second time we have listed with you. I will be helping a friend list her house with you in a few months." C.S. - Howard Co, MD

"Thanks! It was a great way for us to sell our house – it was easy and saved us a lot of money! Your email reminders were very helpful in letting us know which steps to take." S.B. - Columbia, Md

"Thanks for helping me save about $9000.00...With Internet and listing companies like yours, the real estate broker's days are counted." L.T. - Prince Georges Co. MD

"Thank you so much for another great transaction and typical great service. Thanks again Select Premium Properties!" S.W. - Silver Spring, MD

"This was a very nice transaction...I always recommend if I know anyone selling a house and they have knowledge of the real estate market on how it works - that they should list with you. This is our 2nd time we listed a home with Select Premium Properties and it works for us. We save the 3% on the selling side and we have found that the buyers agent wants his commission too and does help out with the sale. We have been quite satisfied with listing our homes thru you and will continue to do so. Thank You" L.P. - Pasadena, MD

"I wanted to let you know that this is the 2nd house I have listed with your company & you make it a pleasant experience. You are so very helpful. Thank you." Donna - Westminster, MD

"Thank you and I enjoyed your services. I will be using your services again in the future and have shared your services with my friends." Joyce - District Heights, MD

"We have bought 2 homesrepresenting ourselves but were concerned withselling our first house "by owner" becauseof lack of exposure for not being on MLS. Your service allowed us tolist our house onMLS while giving us the flexibility to deal withbuyers'agentson our schedule andwithin our agenda.I lovedthat youprovided uswith access to every form (state-specific)we could possibly need and your fast response time.I will definitely recommend you to our friends looking to move and wanting to save on commission." - Rita Baltimore, MD


"Thank you, I have recommended your service to several people...The good news is we actually sold it at a higher price then the local realtors wanted to start at and of course the commissions savings." Joseph - Lebanon, PA

"It was a great pleasure working with you on selling my home! I really appreciate your help and assistance along the way." Zupei - Chester Springs, PA

"Thank you for this opportunity to save money! It has proven to be a challenge to not have a go to person for questions, but God had provided people who helped me along the way. Learned a lot through the process of selling my home by myself but it was worth it! You can list that as a happy testimony!" Polina - Clifton Heights, PA

Central Virginia Area

"We had an excellent experience using Listing Express and couldn't be happier about it! This approach was invaluable. We have had success in the past selling by owner, and this allowed us to get on the MLS and still essentially do that. This is a great service!" Leigh - Glen Allen, VA

"Thanks so much for all of your assistance during the recent sale of our home. You guys are awesome to work with and we are so appreciative of all of your help!!!" Sandra - Goochland, Va.

"I enjoyed working with you and your team. Keep up the great work." David - Richmond, VA

"Thank you Stephanie, for this service. You were great to work with. I will recommend your services to others. I found you by your direct mailer. (They work!)" Weldon - Henrico, VA

"Our phone rang off the hook immediately after you placed it in MLS...it sold in 36 hours." J.B. - Richmond, VA

"This was the best investment I made! I can't believe how easy and quick everything happened. The people at Select Premium Properties were very professional and prompt in returning e-mails. I have told all my friends about Select Premium Properties, and I plan to use them again." D.M - Hanover, Va.

"We have already received one call for an appointment today...thanks for the speedy service." L.S. - Glen Allen, VA

"We are so pleased with your service! My first offer came within a week. Thanks!" L.W. - Richmond, VA

"Thanks for your help! We saved $4K in commission! If it wasn't for this program, we would not have been able to sell our home so quickly!" M.B. - Glen Allen, VA

"This is a great service! Best of both worlds. You pay for a buyer that's all. It is nice not paying 3% commission...a $4,400 savings for us! We had no shortage of agents showing the house...thanks." M.M. - Glen Allen, VA

"Your services were great. I will recommend this service to other." J.C. - Chesterfield, Va.

I just want to say your company, and you in particular, respond great to questions. So many vendors ignore emails or don’t respond fully to a question—or miss parts of questions. ...You stand out as the perfect way to handle customer service by email. Thank you for that." Clayton - Midlothian VA

"We're so glad that we found out about you. You saved us lots of money and were very easy to deal with. Closed 2 months after listing!! Thanks." J.D. - Henrico, VA

"We were getting some traffic doing our own For Sale By Owner, but it was taking a lot of effort and cost of advertising. As soon as we listed with Select Premium Properties, the traffic increased significantly. We had an offer within three weeks and closed in less than a month after that. We saved $5650!" M.W - Chester, Va.

"Thank you for your help! It was great experience and will use you all in the future." M.A. - Glen Allen, Va.

"I wanted to take time out to thank you for helping me... My home sold in record time...The main thing is the tremendous savings that I experienced in a short time frame. I appreciate your assistance and marvel at the innovative way you have tapped the market place." S.H. - Chesterfield, Va

North Carolina

"Thank you Select Premium Properties for the outstanding service. I am blown away with your level of professionalism and responsiveness. The website is so thorough and explains the process in detail. All of my questions were answered almost immediately. I received all my leads timeously. We had an excellent experience and smooth transaction. I would highly recommend Select Premium Properties to anyone looking to sell their home." Mandy - Matthews, NC

"Thank you so much for everything… You made selling my home a lot easier for me." Jason - Wilmington, NC

"I can share with you that I have been consistently impressed with the quality, speed, and completeness of your response to each and every inquiry / request for action which I have made during the time of my listing with Select Premium Properties, Inc. I admittedly had reservations as we began the process that access and response might be problematic and a possible hindrance to the marketing / sale processes on my end --- you have completely erased those reservations!!! With appreciation and best wishes for your continued personal and professional success. A Satisfied Client - Steve - Winston Salem, NC

"We have already scheduled 6 viewings with 2 promised offers within 1 day! This service is AMAZING!!" Mark - Winterville, NC

"Thank you, Stephanie! We sincerely appreciate you and your team (and your endless patience with us during this journey). I will be happy to recommend you, and we are really grateful for your kind attention, professionalism, and generous support during the sale of our home!" Margaret - Buncombe, NC

"Very professional guidance with step by step instructions for the novice seller....I highly recommend Stephanie's service when selling your home. Once you have used her service once, you will never go back. This is the wave of the future in real estate." Phil - Chapel Hill, NC

"I wanted a local listing company to help with the sale of my condo at Sunset Beach, and Select Premium Properties provided the service and support I needed to handle my MLS listing. We received the exposure and response we expected to get a quick sale." Rob - Sunset Beach, NC

"...I have been consistently impressed with the quality, speed, and completeness of your response to each and every inquiry / request for action which I have made during the time of my listing with Select Premium Properties, Inc. I admittedly had reservations as we began the process that access and response might be problematic and a possible hindrance to the marketing / sale processes on my end --- you have completely erased those reservations!!! With appreciation and best wishes for your continued personal and professional success" Steven - Winston Salem, NC

"Thanks. You provide a quite valuable product." David - Gastonia, NC

"I've sold many homes over the years both with and without an agent....this was definitely one of the smoothest!" James - Morganton, NC

"I have purchased and sold several homes. In the past, I have paid the full 3% LISTING AGENT COMMISSION.nToday, with the internet, I see little value of paying 3% of the sale price just to put my home on MLS. I paid only a small fee to this company and received:nMuch better PROFESSIONALISM than I ever received for a Listing Agent. They communicate well. Easy to Reach. Gave me much needed advice.They are highly Responsive. My (Seller's) Telephone Number is listed on MLS, so I am never missing calls because some listing agent is too busy to be concerned about selling my house. They offer a wealth of forms, etc. I could not be any better pleased, and I would strongly recommend them." Ron - Davidson NC

"Stephanie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful; and her advice was always excellent. My questions were always answered promptly. I could not possibly have had an easier and better selling experience. Nor can one beat the price! Iwholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her and her company!!! All I can say is, "THANK YOU!" Herb - Wilmington, NC

"I just sold my first home without the assistance of a full-service Realtor, and I couldn’t be happier with the cost and level of customer service from Select Premium Properties. At every step of the way, they were able to answer my questions and I’m sure I’ll never go back to paying 6%-7% commissions!" John - Trent Woods, NC

"Through the help of Select Premium Properties, we were able to sell our home in Hampstead, NC at our price and saved over $19,000 in commission fees. We were able to be listed on the MLS services, and all the different websites, These sites and open house bring people to your door, like Zillow. If you have the time and desire to save thousands of dollars, then sell your home yourself with a service like Select Premium Properties. It is all about exposure." Richard - Hampstead, NC

"I am extremely happy with your site. In the past I have dreaded selling a home seems like there is more red tape and telephone conversion than needed. This went extremely smooth we are planning to sell another home and will definitely use your services." Amy - Charlotte, NC

"Thank you so much for your service. I cannot convey how pleased I am with how easy and painless this was. I didn't think I could "go it alone" with selling a house, and now I know I definitely can (although the additional services like CSS were great!). You saved me thousands of dollars! I hope I'll have the chance to use your service again in the future." Ben H - Cary, NC

"I am so pleased with selling my home through your service. Very professional and helpful. Will highly recommend you to anyone up your way wanting to sell." Patricia - Waynesville, NC

"Using Select Premium Properties to list our home as a for sale by owner was by far the smoothest process we have ever encountered. In the past we have worked with several realtors which were negative experiences. As a result we decided to sale our own home through use of Select Premium Properties. This company was awesome and fulfilled as promised!" Natasha - Winterville, NC

"Thanks so much for all you have done to help us sell our home. On a scale of 1-10, I rate you a 15!" Veronica - Kernersville, NC

"We were very pleased that Select Premium Properties made it possible for us to sell our home without paying a listing commission. We had offered it for sale by owner first for about three weeks, holding open houses on three successive Sundays. Even though we had many visitors and a lot of interest, no qualified buyers showed up. So we elected to list the property on the MLS through Select Premium Properties. A number of agents showed the property and we had three offers within three weeks. We accepted the third offer, and have since closed. The process was not difficult, and the entire staff was very accessible by email and very responsive with answers to all our questions. The broker, Stephanie Smith, was also available by phone when we needed to speak with her. We would definitely recommend them to anyone willing to trade a little extra effort to save a great deal of money." Bill and Joy - Greensboro, NC

"...We are so grateful we sold our home with Select Premium saving $15k in agent fees. Other homes in our neighborhood have been for sale forever too, but with big name real estate agents. They will lower their price many more times and still have to pay an agent. Select Premium was easy to deal with, answered all my questions and was affordable. I have no idea why anyone would not use them with access to MLS and lot of pics. I am however glad it is all over. Next spring we will sell a townhouse we own and of course we will use Select Premium again." Diane and Eric - Raleigh, NC

"Select Premium Properties saved us time, money and frustration by eliminating a traditional agent. We actually learned for ourselves how the process of selling a home works without the confusing back-and-forth many people experience with an overpriced, self-serving Realtor. We look forward to using this service again and encourage anyone wanting a smooth process to do the same." Wes and Tiffany - Raleigh, NC

"I just wanted to make sure I commended Select Premium Properties. This was by far the easiest way to sell a home. My husband and I wanted to sell our home without a Real Estate Agent and we knew that the FSBO wouldn't be as effective as being listed on the MLS. I researched several companies that help sellers who want to sell w/o a Realtor. We almost signed up with another company that was more expensive than Select Premium Properties, but did not include listing with MLS or a yard sign. I have recommended this service to several individuals that are wanting to put their house on the market. All of the paperwork was self explanatory and if I had questions I would email the admin and normally would have a response within the hour. This was a great service and when we decide to sell again, I will definitely use this service! Thank you for helping to sell our house within 10 days!!!" Justin and Sonya - Concord, NC

"Thanks so much. I am very pleased with the services you provided me and will refer your company to my associates. Thank you." Etta Sue - Huntersville, NC

"Thank you...for getting back with us in such a timely manner, and thanks to you all we sold our house in just 10 days of listing, would work with you again." James - Summerfield, NC

"During our first attempt to sell our home on our own we quickly realized the importance of our home's visibility on the MLS System. Select Premium Properties was a cost effective avenue for us to achieve an MLS listing while avoiding the horror stories you hear from home owners who use a traditional agent. What we didn't expect was to receive was an organized step-by-step process to take us through all that is involved in selling our home. When we had a question or needed to verify a process, Select Premium Properties was right there waiting to give us a clear answer with lightening fast response time. Our Buyers arrived without a traditional agent and when they had a question, we had an answer. They were as grateful as we were for the presence of Select Premium Properties." Wes and Tiffany - Raleigh, NC

"In these tough economical times, a dollar saved has more impact than ever. By utilizing your service, I saved over $4900.00 in commissions - plain and simple. I found Select Premium to be professional, reliable and a great money-saver, as a matter of fact I have recommended your service to others. The money I saved was put to good use in my new home! For anyone who is skeptical or afraid to try FSBO, give it a try." Tommy - Pfafftown, NC

"Thank you for this, Stephanie! When we spoke last week, I told you how wonderful your website is and how user friendly it is. Well, having gone through this process, I can double affirm how well written and easy this was. So grateful for that. Everything is explained so well and you have just made this such an easy thing to do. I think I told you my daughter is a writer and she would be so impressed with whoever you have doing your website! Oh, if only everyone’s site could be this user friendly! Just wanted you to know. I have passed your site on to friends. Thank you for everything and hopefully we will sell soon! Take care and God bless." Peggy - Marvin, NC

"We had a very enjoyable experience through Carolina Listing Express! You responded quickly and completely to all our requests and managed the MLS Listing well on our behalf. Your website has very helpful information to allow a novice such as ourselves to list our home and manage the process." Marc - Weddington, NC

"I commend the MLS listing service at Select Premium Properties for their excellent job of tracking the statuses of my property for sale!" - Barbara - Wilmington, NC

"I've enjoyed using your services and will continue to recommend you to lots of people. I will use you again in the future.SOLD on Select Premium Properties!" Suzanne - Greensboro, NC

"Using Select Premium Properties, Inc. to list my house in Wake Forest was easy to do and best of all saved me a lot of money! After trying to sell my home using only For Sale By Owner signs and flyers with no bites or interest, I decided to list using a Flat Rate listing. As soon as our home was listed, I began to receive immediate interest and received an offer with 5 days of listing and I didn't have to pay a selling agent! We will be using Select Premium Properties to list our house in the future." Caitlin - Wake Forest, NC

"We had a contract on our home on 9 days. This has been due to the awesome service we received from Select Premium properties Listing. The value you receive is much more than the costs. The resources were very helpful and provided everything you needed from the offer to the close. The staff was professional, prompt and responsive to any questions we had. Showing our home was very easy because of their showing service. We could maintain control of the days and times and other preferences. Each time a realtor wanted to show the buyer our home, we would get a call or text to confirm or propose a preferred time. The first contract fell through but because of the traffic, we quickly had another contact.The staff was friendly and made sure the schedule was not overbooked." Valla - Durham, NC

"Your service was just what we wanted." Joe - Troutman, NC

"We have been very pleased with your services...We have told everyone we know how much of a pleasure it was to sell the home on our own via this service." Wes - Raleigh, NC

"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Select Premium Properties. Your website made everything so clear that even us cavemen could understand. We had been trying for six months to sell the house on our own, but once the listing was made with CPP, we were flooded with showings and had an offer for our asking price within a week. Thanks again." Richard - Raleigh, NC

"We were very pleased with your services... We had a lot of traffic while we had it listed with you, and appreciate your services.I would recommend you to anyone who is listing a home on their own.Thanks! " Charlotte - Forsyth, NC

"Iwould like to say how easy and affordable your MLS listing servicewas to use.I will be usingthis service againin the near future. Thanks!" Gary - High Point, NC

"Great experience working with you. We will definitely use your services again!" Jonathan - Chatham, NC

"Thanks for your excellent services.Communication was excellent, questions were answered quickly.Staff were friendly, and extremely helpful." Wanda - Angier, NC

"My experience was wonderful and I thank you for the stress free experience!" Donna - Wilmington, NC

"This way to sell a house was simply amazing. Now, I know that timing is everything, but the sale was made quickly and the closing was even quicker. Everything went smoothly - so best we can do is say a big THANK YOU!!!" Ann - Greensboro, NC

"Thanks so much for your assistance in selling our home.I am very impressed with your efficiency and super quick responses to my questions throughout the process.I am sure to use your service when selling my next home!" Chris - Mebane NC

"Thank you for your service. We believe it was crucial to getting our house sold and are advocates of your services." Gary & Angie - Gaston, NC

"Excellent process! Enjoyed the easiness and simplicity of it all. Once we had our house on the MLS we had a contract in one month. Thanks!" George and Maryanna - Apex, NC

"Thank you for an excellent job! I am impressed with the exceptional degree of professionalism and the efficiency of your organization as well with the tremendous value of your service." Avner - Wake, NC

"Select Premium Properties was a perfect match for meeting my real estate needs. I have more money in my pocket thanks to Select Premium Properties. Thanks a million for your support and cost effective approach to selling my home." Marla - Charlotte, NC

"Just wanted to say thank you and I must say it is a 'pleasure' working with you. You are very responsive and prompt." Phyllis - Leland, NC

"We truly love using your company and this is actually the second time we've done so. We ended up Renting the home through Select Premium but will no doubt list it for sale again next year with you." Jaymi - Huntersville, NC

"Thanks for your service; getting on MLS definitely boosted the response to our signs and adds. We ended up with four offers in one day = total time to sell about 17 days." Harold - Charlotte, NC

"Thank you again. I feel like I'm really getting my money's worth with CPP ... which is hard to find nowadays!" Barbara - Leland, NC

"If I ever have to sell a home in NC again, I will definitely use your company again. I saved around $4,000 by using your service. Thank you for your help." Scott - Durham, NC

"You folks are really on the ball, it's a pleasure to do business with you." Jerry - Greensboro, NC

"Despite what many real estate agents say, we had a very pleasant experience in selling our home on our own, thanks in part to the service you provided in getting it on the MLS. The buyers were also happy with the ease of the sale. We would highly recommend it to anyone...Thanks again" Ken and Terri - Leland, NC

"Thank You for such a great service , I will highly recommend your service!" Yours Truly, Chris - Fuquay Varina, NC

"This way to sell a house was simply amazing. Now, I know that timing is everything, but the sale was made quickly and the closing was even quicker. Everything went smoothly - so best we can do is say a big THANK YOU!!!" Ann - Greensboro, NC

"It is a pleasure to deal with a company that is so responsive and professional!" Robert - Brunswick, NC

"Thanks so much for your help and I appreciate you going the extra mile to make sure our listing appears on this site. Your customer service has been excellent." - Doug - Raleigh, NC

"The service is exactly what I wanted, and the price was great as well...all in all, good experience." Kevin - Wilmington, NC

"Overall, I was pleased with the experience of using Select Premium Properties. You did everything you said you would do and we sold my house in six weeks. My finance, who also used you, also sold his home in six weeks. We would use you again in the future if the need arises." Patricia - Raleigh, NC

"I have been quite satisfied with your service and have already referred your website to two individuals that inquired as to who I utilized to list my home on MLS." Daniel - Raleigh, NC

"Stephanie was a joy to work with and a pleasure to get to know. She was on time, an expert in her field, and the information and quality was timely...I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks again SO much and God bless! Will - Pfafftown, NC

"Your organization has been most patient and helpful as we navigated through parts of this process." Lee Ann - Greensboro, NC

"Thanks for everything. I have to admit I was skeptical of using a listing company we heard of through a flyer. But you guys have done everything promised and been very nice. I have already recommended you to 2 other Builders. Thanks again" Becky - Charlotte, NC

"My experience was a good one. The process was pretty easy in terms of just emailing my questions to CPP and you all responded with answers very quickly..." Jennifer - Wake Forest, NC

"We had an offer after only 2 days! We're thrilled with your service. Thanks so much!" Karen - Durham, NC

"It was a pleasure listing our house through you guys and this is the way our buyer found the property, so Praise God, it worked and helped us do a For Sale By Owner." Brad - Raleigh, NC

"Thanks so much for the excellent prompt and professional service. I couldn't be more pleased with your service. You set a standard to strive for. Thanks for making it so easy!" Linda - Forsyth, NC

"I would like to say how pleasant it has been doing business with you. I know the house has not sold yet but I feel the quick, informative responses to my questions is going a long way to helping it." Jodi - Greensboro, NC

Selling a home- "Whether with an agent or as owners- is obviously stressful. But your being responsive makes it a bit easier. Thanks for your constant email support, for being flexible and accommodating with our listing, and for providing terrific service." Sue - Lewisville, NC

"Great experience! It helped me sale my house! The buyer found it on a website!" Brad - Graham, NC

"Second home we sold this way. Great service." - Karen - Hampstead, NC

"I enjoyed working with you and certainly will consider your company first in any future listings. Many Thanks" Don - Greenville, NC

"Thank you for all that you offered and the advice you suggested throughout the procedure. I can say your company is very responsive to their clients. I will suggest to others to use your company for their real estate deals. Thanks Again." Ada - Cary, NC

"We will use you in the future when and if the need arrives and would definitely suggest others use your wonderful service." Gerald and Ann - Greensboro, NC

"You've been a great help and made the process of selling my home a pleasure! Thanks for everything" Damien - Charlotte, NC

"Thank you.I think this is agreat service you offer and I will certainly spread the word to all my condo friends who would like to list." Douglas - Durham NC

"Stephanie, is a true professional. Her and her team are attentive and provide imediate feedback. I also took the option to review offers. I saved almost $15,000 in listing commititions, and that makes it extremely worth while. If your proprerty is marketable, you will save, time, and money utilizing Stephanie, and here servies." Kevin - Leicester, NC

South Carolina

"We are delighted with your company's services,which allowed a high quality buyer to find us without using a real estate agent thus saving us the commission. All of your contacts with us have been timely and clear. We are entirely satisfied with every aspect of your operation including all the instructions, the forms, the detailed supplemental materials you make available on line and the internet coverage you give to the listings. All the details of your operation are very well thought out and executed including the ease of making payments and the on line "drawing" of signatures on contracts with your firm. Please, thank Stephanie Smith and her staff for making this an extremely fine experience for me as an eighty two year old homeowner wanting to have top exposure while saving money on the sale of our home! You folks do an amazing job down to the last detail!" Jinny and Bob - North Myrtle Beach, SC

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and ther staff at Select Premium Prop. All those involved in the listing and sale of our Georgetown, SC property were both knowledgeable and professional. All inquiries and communications were handled in a timely manor. Most importantly, the saving we realized by listing with you was truly significant. Thanks to you and the entire staff." Barry - Georgetown, SC

"I was so pleased with this listing and support that I gave your information to our neighbor who recently listed through you. We listed our house and within 48 hours of the listing going live we had a contract! I appreciate your quick responses to my many questions and your helpful emails and reminders." Roberta - Indian Land, SC

"Thank you Stephanie! You and Your services are an amazing blessing! This is my second transaction with you and I continue to 'sing your praises' to anyone who needs a real estate company that is absolute perfection in the industry!! From a grateful heart..." Marla - Indian Land, SC

"Stephanie offers a great service! I used her company to list my million $ home in South Carolina and it saved me thousands in commission. It sold in 42 days and I was satisfied with every aspect of her operation. Her website is very detailed and has all the information you need to sell your home. All her responses were very quick and she is very well informed in all aspects of real estate. Can’t say enough good things about her and her company." Lisa - Mount Pleasant, SC

"I believe that Carolina Listing Express is the only way to go. I checked several other websites for pricing, and as a former real estate agent, the value that Carolina Listing Express providesfar surpasses the value of other flat fee listing services. The attention to any need is very prompt, and the system is very easy to navigate through. Why would you use a listing agent when you can save thousands by using this system?" Breia - Myrtle Beach, SC.

"Living in a sellers market like Charleston SC makes a simple and professional MLS Listing all you need. The buyer's agents just line up. Select premium properties saved me over 7k dollars. Service and correspondence was excellent." - Kyle - Daniels Island, SC

"I thought your listing service was great! I would definitely do it again." Rita - Mount Pleasant, SC

"Thank you for your timely response...Your service is excellent!" Leonard - Summerville, SC

"I would just like to thank you for all your help and patience on the sale of this home and when we go to sell our primary residence in the spring we will definitely be using your services." Letha - Summerville, SC

"It was a pleasure working with you and best of all, I saved 3% of the seller's purchase price by using your service!" Reg - Berkeley, SC

"Many aspects of your business process impressed me and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the processes that are put in place to make the sale of our home run so efficiently. Everything is very professional and direct. All questions are answered in your correspondence or with a fast response via email. I am sure that it was your timely work that was key in the sale of our home. I can not say enough positive things about your company and I will pass this on to everyone I know...I have never had such customer support - you all have achieved what all other companies should strive for." K.S.

"Even though there are times I wish I could thank everyone there in person, unfortunately, due to the demands on time and being efficient, I know everything has to be done through email and fax. It feels a little strange to do that with any company when doing such a enormous transaction. The truth of the matter is that I don't feel that I have missed out on any part of a well organized and efficient and effective process when it came to selling my house. Responses were timely and I was able to go through step by step from beginning to end smoothly, even though initially I was a bit skeptical. I really appreciate all the work done behind the scenes and for the final result. Keep up the good work." G.C.

"Just wanted to thank you for helping us sell our home. Despite warnings from agents about using a “flat rate listing service”, when we learned that we would be moving, we went ahead and listed our home with you. 6 weeks later, we successfully sold our house for $8,000 above our asking! By using your service, we were able to maintain more control over all scheduled appointments and actually meet our buyers, so that we could determine who seemed interested in our property and could contact their agent if an offer came in. We were also able to successfully market ourselves to agents in the area, via email, with a direct link to a website we developed about our property. Through our own marketing efforts, and with the advantage of being listed on the MLS, we ended up with 3 simultaneous offers! In the end, we received way more for our property than we ever anticipated, and saved on commissions. Never again will we relinquish the control of selling our home to a listing agent that may be more interested in getting the listing than selling the house for top dollar." S.B.

"Your service has been exceptionally, and I have already recommended your company to some neighbors. Thanks for everything!" Jutta - Little River, SC


"We are so happy with the professional excellent service we had with Select Premium properties! We had multiple offers on our home including cash offers and are very happy with our final price! Thankyou so much!!!!!" Kathleen - Alpharetta, GA

"Stephanie, thank you for the professional assistance. The process was simple and seamless. I will definitely use your services in the future. And, it saved us over $11,000." Patrick - Clayton, GA

"This has been a great experience and I will definitely recommend your services to others. Thanks for everything" Natasha - Watkinsville, GA

"This service is fantastic! I have now used it to sell my last two homes and saved thousands of dollars! Thank you so much!" George - Marietta, GA

"Thank you so very much for your assistance!!!! We are delighted that our lovely home sold so quickly. Your company and team are a pleasure to work with. You provide exceptional customer service and make it so very easy to go through what would otherwise be a tedious process. I recommend your company to others all the time..." Elizabeth - Snellville, GA

"We have been totally impressed with this company. Our experience was positive in every way. We got the house sold faster I am sure by using your service. I felt the instructions were pretty clear and the buyer’s agent had no problems...Thank you!." Mary - Acworth, GA

"We are recommending this service to friends whenever we have the chance! Thanks for what you all do so that FSBO is possible to those of us who need to take that route to sell our homes." Mary - Lagrange, GA "Thank you...it was a pleasure working with you and we will definitely use you in the future." Sagar - Lawrenceville, GA

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